24 Hour Cure Period

Sealant Notice!
Please don’t step in it! 24 hours requirement for *mastic/silicone to cure

NOTE* An accelerator for Mastic only may be added for an additional fee to increase cure time in under 12 hoursStay off all treated surfaces for 24 hours. Generally, rain will not affect the set-up of the material after the first hour. Any additional services that may come in contact with the treated area should be conducted before we are scheduled or 24 hrs after our work is complete.Please turn off all water features, sprinklers, pool sweepers etc. the evening before the day of installation. The work area must be dry so our technicians can successfully install your new product.
No: swimming, spa use, pool brushing for 24 hours following sealant installation.

No loose pets (Pets can step in wet sealant and track it onto other areas. Clean-up is not warrantied)Mowing & landscaping should be done 24 hours after installation! Any debris stuck in mastic after we leave is not a warranty situation (however, if this does occur, leave the debris alone and it will dry up and break away in time).

Loose sand can be slippery, please be careful. It is necessary that we use sand for the installation and finish work of the sealant. It is permissible to sweep or hose off the deck areas after 24 hours.

Mastic Masters will tape off  most areas to prevent traffic flow.

Pressure washing is safe after 3 daysREPAIR STATEMENT:

MasticMasters was contracted to seal the expansion joints and cracks in your deck/drive/walkway/parking lot.

We use a rubber epoxy sealant called mastic or silicone that will cure over 18 to 24 hours depending on the temperature. Please note that it’s normal to be slightly tacky to the touch until it cures over several sunny days

It’s fine to resume any activities after 24 hours in most situations.The Mastic is very durable at temperatures at -40 degrees F and up tp 180 degrees F!

If you need further information or have questions, please phone us or visit our website.DISCLAIMERS:

Debris such as concrete dust and/or dirt during the repair of pool deck joints caused by grinding may enter the pool,  You may request to have your pool covered at an additional expense.

Any concrete coating can be slippery when wet, depending on the surface and texture of the concrete.We can not be held responsible for any slips or falls. Sealants and coatings are installed at your own risk.


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Feel free to email jobs or questions to:  info@masticmasters.com

HOA approved and recommended