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DIY do it yourself? “FREE ESTIMATES” There are numerous blogs on the internet that explain how to do DIY expansion joint replacement. We have rarely read one that was accurate. Often, the author misses the details crucial to longevity of the sealant. Preparation is the key which bloggers rarely touch on. We have found that


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What causes efflorescence and how do you remove it? Efflorescence occurs with all concrete and is the most frequent problem that concrete contractors face with colored concrete. Owners don't care about “plain” concrete, but colored concrete is another matter. They complain that their contractor didn't give them the color they ordered, and sometimes they withhold

Water Proofing & Protection

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WATER PROOFING & PROTECTION Expansion joints are an integral part of concrete structures. They are built into deck systems to control the stresses of volume changes in concrete. Depending on the type of construction (cast-in-place, precast, etc.), joints are installed to isolate ramps, buildings, and large expanses of deck surface. They may also be needed

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