Acrylic Concrete Staining & Coatings

If you have old and worn stamped concrete or old pool spray/cool deck and the color is no longer vibrant, MasticMasters™ has a simple solution to rejuvenate your concrete to bring back color and life for an aesthetically pleasing look. Our concrete stains are UV stable, durable, low odor and last longer then any stain on the market! Acrylic staining is a 2 in 1 product providing color and a long lasting coating/sealant from the environment!

“Taking the GREY out of the City”

If you have plain, boring concrete and are looking for a low cost decorative concrete solution to bring beauty and color to your driveway, patio, walkways or pool deck then our solid coloring system is the solution you need! Estimate pricing will include cleaning, staining and sealing. ACRYLIC staining is the best value when choosing a concrete top coat due to its 2 for 1 value!

Our process offers an excellent option to color plain or old concrete. For older, stamped concrete, our process will literally bring it back to life!. Let us bring back color and life to your old stamped concrete and aging pool decks with our aesthetically pleasing surface coatings and treatments!

Note: Colors may vary depending on porosity and texture of concrete.

View Water Based color chart
View Acrylic Based color chart


ACRYLIC Concrete Coatings can be slippery when wet

Non-Slip Safe Grip additives are available at an additional charge

HOA approved and recommended – Serving Houston and most major Texas cities.