The process of turning existing, dull, gray concrete into works of art! No Concrete Pouring! NO Overlayments

Concrete Engraving:

Concrete engraving is the act of remodeling existing (cured) concrete by cutting patterns and texture into the surface. Engraved designs and patterns simulate building materials such as brick, tile, stone, pavers or a variety of other graphic elements. Geometric patterns with straight, circular or serpentine lines and custom designs are cut directly into the surface of the concrete. Decorative concrete engraving adds depth and dimension plus it is commonly used as a color separation technique.

Where is it used?

Wherever there is concrete there is a great likelihood that it can be made more attractive. Locations include residential, commercial, industrial, recreational theme parks, or event center mezzanines. Engraving is found in both interior and exterior locations and is used both for practical reasons and as decorative concrete artistic expression.

Concrete Requirements

The finishing requirement for engraving is any traditional finish; including skin-stamped concrete, broom finished, smooth trowel and salt finish. New concrete should be fully cured before the staining and engraving processes are applied.

HOA approved and recommended – Serving Houston, San Antonio, Austin and most major Texas cities.

Nearly any existing finish or surface can be used, although the pattern should complement the surface. For instance, a highly textured flagstone pattern will look best for pitted and/or cracked slabs, but a smooth tile look would not. Existing concrete should be thoroughly cleaned before the engraving process is implemented.

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