Liquid Dazzle

Create brilliant metallic effects with Liquid Dazzle, premier decorative epoxy floor coating system. Engineered with proprietary metallic additives that uniquely flow when applied, Liquid Dazzle produces a dynamic color-changing custom floor that is both decorative and highly durable. This application is perfect for hotels, casinos, showrooms, salons, restaurants, garage floors, residential floors, and a most any room in your home when a stunning look is what you desire. Liquid Dazzle is designed for use when a truly unique floor coating is desired. The resulting surface is low maintenance, easy to clean and wear resistant. Liquid Dazzle is engineered to last, requiring minimal maintenance.

We initially profile the concrete by grinding to achieve maximum adhesion of the epoxy. The next step is to apply an epoxy primer. Finally, Liquid Dazzle epoxy is trowelled on to the surface at 1/8″ thickness, making your Liquid Dazzle floor more durable and longer lasting. You have the option of either a high-gloss or satin finish with this product.