Silicone Joint Sealant

Dow Corning Self-Leveling Silicone Joint Sealant is designed to perform as a durable long-term joint seal for asphalt and/or concrete pavements. It firmly adheres to asphalt and concrete pavements.

Dow Corning Silicone has good weather-ability – its 100 percent silicone rubber is virtually unaffected by sunlight, rain, snow,ozone or temperature extremes. Most organic sealants stiffen in cold temperatures and soften in warm weather. Organics can degrade and crack in sunlight.

Fully elastic – the sealant can be stretched to 100 percent or compressed to 50 percent of the joint width and held there. When released, it will recover 95 percent or greater of the original dimension. The extension and/ or compression can be repeated many times and the sealant will resume its original shape without splits or cracks.

Resilient – once cured, the sealant prevents stones and other non-compressibles from entering the joint by “squeezing” them out as soon as the force pushing the non-compressibles into the sealant is removed. It lasts 3 times longer than any other concrete joint sealant. Applicable standards meet Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications that require a low-modulus, self-leveling sealant with high movement capability

Use of silicone as a joint and crack sealant is HOA approved and recommended


Kansas Airport
Shuttle Landing Facility
Sea-Tac Airport
Historic Pavement

In using our sealants, our purpose is to protect the surrounding structure from water damage, weed growth, pest invasion, trip hazards, splinters and cracking. The finished product is a sealant that has a flexible, grout-like appearance that is pleasant to the eye. Pools, patio’s, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots have expansion/control joints that need the protection, safety and aesthetic appearance of our products and services. Concrete Joint sealing is a preventative maintenance function to prevent future slab jacking or replacement of your concrete.

Serving Houston, Austin, San Antonio and most major Texas cities

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We remove rotted wood, weeds and debris from existing expansion/control joints, we grind the joint wall for long term adhesion, we fill the void with foam backer rod and replace with 1/2″ depth of sealant, giving you the confidence that your restoration project is protected from the elements. Concrete comes in many colors and so does our product. We can match almost any color you need! We have over 80 colors available!

We use high grade polyurethane/silicone sealants used in major construction and industrial markets including transportation, marine, and automotive where critical environments need to be impermeable to water! Your home and property should not be the exception!

HOA approved and recommended – Serving Houston and most major Texas cities.