1. Remove Vegetation That’s Close to Your Driveway
    Have you ever seen trees and bushes planted right next to a concrete or blacktop driveway? If it hasn’t happened already, you can bet the roots of that vegetation are going to end up spreading out until they end up underneath the drive. The ultimate result will be that the concrete or blacktop will crack, then crumble and break off in pieces.

If this describes your driveway, you need to remove the vegetation ASAP to keep your concrete or blacktop from cracking. If the vegetation is too large, you’ll probably have to remove it. Smaller vegetation can be carefully dug up and transplanted to more appropriate locations.

  1. Keep Your Water Drainage Systems Maintained
    If properly designed and maintained, rain water that comes down your gutters and downspouts will flow away from your permanent structures. However, poorly designed or inadequately maintained drainage can allow water to flow and gather in your yard and around your expensive improvements. If gutters and downspouts become clogged with debris, the water can flood out over your gutters. If this water flows underneath your concrete or blacktop aurfaces, clay soils can excessively expand, causing “heaving” of your paved structures. This excessive stress can result in cracking or similar failures in paved surfaces.

To avoid this, periodically inspect your gutters and downspouts for leaks, cracks and disconnections. Repair any problems you find right away.

  1. Keep Your Concrete or Blacktop Surface Edged
    Keeping your paved structures “edged” means you remove any sod or weeds that are within two or three inches of any of its borders. By doing this, rain water can drain off the surface and flow away from your improvements. This practice will also help keep the roots of vegetation from growing up and cracking your paved surfaces.
  2. Keep Your Driveway Cleaned Off
    By sweeping off tree branches, leaves, grass clippings and other loose debris periodically, you’ll help keep the concrete or blacktop from staining. The easiest way to do this is with a leaf blower or a conventional broom.

To remove dirt, gasoline, oil, chemicals and other harmful pollutants from your driveway, use a low-pressure washer

Why concrete cracks and how to prevent it……an excerpt from Angies List