Two (2)Year Limited Warranty On Mastic Installation

Five (5) Year Limited Warranty On Silicone Installation

Three (3) Year Limited Warranty On Stains,Epoxy and Acrylic Top Coats

What is Covered
This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship. It includes coverage for replacement of sealant materials which fail to achieve water tight seal, exhibit loss of adhesion or cohesion or do not cure, with the exceptions stated below.

How Long Coverage Lasts
This warranty runs for two years(Mastic) five years(Silicone) Three years (Stains, Epoxy & Acrylic top coats)from the date your project is installed.

What is not covered
Warranty Exclusions: Failure resulting from excess movement, concrete shrinkage, structural cracks or defects, faulty construction, faulty design, faulty materials (other than joint sealants, top coat), improper installation, misuse of structure, settlement, accident, fire, or other casualty or physical damage. This warranty does not cover any drainage issues after product installation. This warranty does not cover fading or discoloration caused by any harsh chemical spills. This warranty does not cover clean up if project is stepped in by residents or pets, with in the first 24 hr cure period (service fee may apply for clean up and repairs). Mastic Masters will tape off  most areas to prevent traffic flow. We do not warranty color variance from color charts. The final cured color of the actual product may vary.

What Mastic Masters Will Do

Mastic Masters will repair any product that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. In the event repair is not possible, Mastic Masters will either replace your product with new product or refund the purchase price of the non repairable area.

How To Get Service
Contact us through our web site on the contact page or by phone 713.907.8410. A service representative will come to your home and take any necessary action to correct problems covered by this warranty.


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ANY concrete coating can be slippery when wet, depending on the surface and texture. We can not be held responsible for any slips or falls. Sealants and coatings are installed at your own risk.