Expansion joints are an integral part of concrete structures. They are built into deck systems to control the stresses of volume changes in concrete. Depending on the type of construction (cast-in-place, precast, etc.), joints are installed to isolate ramps, buildings, and large expanses of deck surface. They may also be needed to provide free rotation of deflecting members. Most joints open and close according to daily and seasonal fluctuations in deck surface temperatures.

Joints provide a natural place for water, salts, and debris to collect. They also present a hazard to pedestrians who may trip over them. To prevent these problems, joint seals can be installed. Sealants must be designed for the intended movement of the joint, as well as for water-tightness, wheel action (traffic, equipment), pedestrian safety, and repairability.

Waterproofing and protection techniques are used to control deterioration of structures. These techniques alter service or exposure conditions, enhance physical properties, install barriers, alter electro-chemical behavior and halt water infiltration.

Waterproofing and coating techniques prevent water from entering or exiting a structure through cracks, joints, or failed waterstops. These protection techniques extend the time duration between maintenance cycles.

Choosing appropriate techniques requires an evaluation of factors such as cause/effect relationships, useful life, constructability, environment, aesthetics, and cost-benefits. MasticMasters has the experience necessary to perform the best applicable waterproofing and protection techniques based on the particular project and service requirements.

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